4 Reasons You Are Drinking Water The Wrong Way (With Simple Actionable Solutions) 

Do you know that 99% of people drink water the wrong way? 

Water is an essential element for our body. ⅔ of our body is made up of water. So, do you think we should neglect one of the most important aspects of our life? Absolutely not!

Here I list below some of the common mistakes we make while drinking water. 

Drinking water just after a meal

Gastric juice is an essential element for digestion. Drinking water instantly after a meal dilutes the gastric juices. Therefore the food doesn’t get digested properly in the body. Eventually, the food rots down within the system and your body fails to absorb the necessary nutrients. Bloating, gas, acidity is some of the main side effects.

Actionable Tip- Have a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal. Subsequently drink water an hour after the meal. It allows you to absorb optimum nutrients for your body.

Consuming chilled water. 

Avoid leaning on the craving for chilled water. The cold water shrinks the blood vessels causing harm to your digestive system. Chilled water aggravates joint pains in your body. What’s worse is that it also solidifies the fat in your food. Instead, try consuming water at room temperature or try having lukewarm water.

Actionable Tip: Start using earthen pots. It acts as a natural water cooler.

Overdrinking water 

How much water should you drink? It depends on many factors such as Body type, weight, the physical exercise you perform throughout the day and even the climate that you live in. Excess of something is bad. The same applies to water too. Drinking too much water dilutes the sodium level in your body. It does more bad than good. 

Actionable Tip- Let go of all the calculations and listen to what your body speaks! 

Drinking water while standing.

Another thing that you should avoid is drinking water while standing. This is one of the most ignored steps. It becomes difficult for the nerves to digest the fluids in your system. It triggers joint pain and even arthritis. 

Actionable Tip- Drink water slowly. Do not rush! Enjoy every sip that goes within your body.

Bonus points

  • Drink water just after you wake up. It energizes your system. 
  • Try consuming water from a copper vessel. It works miraculously for your body.
  • Include water-rich foods in your diet for optimum health and nutrition.
  • Be patient. Observe your body. That’s the ultimate solution to fix your water problem.