5 Main Reasons Why Motivation Never Really Works For You (With Actionable Solutions)

  • Today Self-help industry thrives!¬†
  • You find motivation in every nook and corner.¬†Everybody has their mouth open about this.
  • But has it really worked?¬†Remains a question!

Motivation eventually fades away with time

  • Motivation is just like a delicious piece of cake. 
  • You have it and you’re done after a while. 
  • Eventually, motivation tends to fade away with time.

Yes, Motivation is temporary. You cannot sustain something that is coming from outside.

Our Habits rules us after all

  • What you do regularly adds up in your default setting. 
  • After some point in time you do it anyway (acting choicelessly, devoid of a control).

Habits play a huge role in our life. More than 90% of the things you do are on a Repeat-Mode.

We try achieving everything at one go

  • After motivation chips in, we fly high. 
  • Realistic planning goes out for a toss.

We try to achieve everything in one go. Eventually, achieving none.

Motivation in itself becomes a Trap

  • After a high, do you stop there?
  • As a result, you fall back to the pray of repeated kicks after kicks…
  • Eventually, motivation in itself becomes a trap.

You go back to the same loop of gratifying and feeling good. 

It Dulls away the scope for Questioning

  • Questioning is a Painful Process.
  • Motivation is always from outside. 
  • But questioning involves you to doubt and go within yourselves.

Questioning demands you to doubt your actions, existing ideas and beliefs that you carry along.

The Takeaway

  • Figure out your own source of inspiration. 
  • Always start with “Why” and show up on what really matters. 
  • Brush aside all the feelings and emotions. They are temporary anyway.

Focus on the Process. Rest everything will follow by itself!