A Tale of Deception: Can We Ever See The Real Story ?

The big question remains, can we ever see the reality as it is? Can there ever be a direct perception of reality? Neurologists and scientists deny the perception of reality They maintain the fact that we can never see reality as they truly are. There is a sense of deception that obstructs us from seeing the ultimate reality.

So what do we see after all? We are seeing the perceived reality, a reality distorted and confined to our limited senses and perceptions.

Now, it gets trickier than it actually sounds.

What if I say that there we have different individual reality in the limited reality of life that we experience?

The Deception of Reality

A famous Sanskrit is saying in the Vedas, Yatha Drishti, Tatha Srishti. It means, we perceive reality through our own personalised lenses. The reality is twisted according to our storehouse of memory

We never see the reality that is presented to us. We only see the reality that is only perceived by our minds. The looks can be deceiving in reality. Within the perception of the 5 senses, there is a different perception of different people.

Our mind is heavily influenced by the people around us, by the lifestyle it leads, by the food it eats and all the other external factors that we aren’t even aware of.

Our mind acts based on the infinite biases and all the experiences that it contains.

Here is a simple example that proves that the senses deceive us-

Say, there is 3 person that sees a beautiful young child đŸ§’ dancing and playing down the streets.

The 1st person sees it and is instantly lit with joy and delight. The mind rejoices and cherishes the energetic young days. The brain kicks in with feel-good chemicals such as Serotonin and dopamine. Suddenly happiness becomes your very nature at that moment.

For the 2nd person, the act of seeing the child is a regret. It is a regret of not being able to live fully in its younger day. There is the hormone of regret released– namely, there is greater activation of emotions in the brain- orbitofrontal cortex and amygdala.

And for the 3rd person, it doesn’t even exist. How is that possible? It is because he is lost in the wide happenings of the mind. He is in his own “la-la land” of stories, most probably thinking about his next promotion. For him, reality is yet to be perceived through the senses.

Therefore we see that the same situation is entirely different for the 3 persons.

How do we perceive the nature of reality?

Quantum experiment shows that there can be two contradictory versions of reality at the same time.

There can be Perception is nothing but the reduction of the actual information of the total thing. You can look at a thing from all the angles, from right, to left, from a close angle or the top. None gives us the entirety of the accurate information of the thing.

The human perception of colour is limited to the principles of quantum mechanics. Our perception of natural selection has shaped the reality that was most suitable for our survival.

The taste, colour, odour, senses are not real in the objective reality. They are present for evolutionary convenience.

A Bad news for the Ego

We see that there is no all-encompassing perspective that gives us all the information about almost any situation. Doesn’t it mean that we can never be sure of our actions?

Doesn’t it mean that our actions will remain limited, inaccurate and certainly filled with uncertainty?

Why we cannot trust our senses?

When we perceive anything through our senses, the properties of our senses make up, fabricating the present reality. The problem starts when we always assume that our senses are telling the truth.

There is but a distortion of reality. It is like we are forming our own reality in the limited amount of reality that we perceive.

And act with sheer conviction, leaving little space for any possibilities to enter.

Fun Fact:

Physicists have even gone that far as to say that the space, time, object phenomena are within the realm of perceived reality. The objects, atoms, electrons, quarks, the sun, the moon, the shapes, the sizes are under the subject of constructions.

The Scientific Approach to the Nature of Reality

Today, we enjoy the best of Engineering Technologies based upon science. Building planes, sending people to the moon, exploring mars, creating antibiotics, protecting humanity with vaccines are the product of Science. These are the proof that objective truth does exist.

But how was that possible?

Scientists have marvellously used objective reality in its advancement and development. The scientist takes up the theories and flourishes with reality. It never lets go-off the reality. Science had the uncanny ability to kill faith, looking the reality as it is.

Laws that science never bypass –

  • An Un-bias observation to life.
  • Questioning each and everything.
  • Looking through a situation from every angle.

Fun Fact:

Did you know, when Einstein wrote the equations of General Relativity, he didn’t know that it entailed the existence of Black Hole? And for a long time, Einstein refused to believe in the black hole or its existence. But later his equations did prove the existence of a black hole.

Take away

Is there anything such as good or bad?

So next time your idiot side of the brain tries to convince you with something, and says anything nasty or deceitful, question it, bring in all the possibilities that can be brought or taken into account.

So are your senses telling you the real story? Think Again!

It is never too late to explore the nature of the infinite possibilities of the mind. There is always an infinite potential for the true nature of reality!