A mysterious conversation with Pleasure

“And at the end of the day it leaves with nothing, nothing more than an empty hand left to crave alone, left for another day to be tricked”.

We all love our pleasures. Don’t we? But do we see our pleasures? Pleasures serve us, eating up a lot of our energy, some remains, consuming us in bits and pieces.

They demand their miraculously beastly cycle to continue running without us being aware of it, to observe it unbiasedly.

But today he dares to see it, see the pleasure as it is. And he finds out some miraculous within it, that no one had ever told him before.

As it happened, here went the conversation-

Pleasure: Now that you have it, take it to be happy in life.

Me: Yeah Sure.

(And suddenly he stops, ponders and reconsiders his actions)

Me: Okay I will, but what do I get at the end of it?

Pleasure: What do you mean?

Me: What do I get rather than just some rush of sensations in me?

Pleasure: Why do you question, do you need to?

Me: Yes I see the need to question. 

Pleasure: Why?

Me: I see I am not getting anywhere with this.

Pleasure: But you are used to it. Your body needs it. So, have it.

Me: What do I get at the end of the day?

Pleasure: You get pleasure.

Me: But how much?

Pleasure: More.

Me: How much more?

Pleasure: Plenty more!

Me: Will I be satisfied and fulfilled after doing it, forever?

Pleasure: Keep doing it, keep repeating, someday you might.

Me: But when?

(Silence struck)

Me: Where are you?


And just like that it vanquished in the thin air, leaves him for another day to pound back on him.

When you start questioning everything that you experience, life unfolds to you in a whole new level altogether.

The same goes with Pleasure too.

Watch it as it happens without losing into it and see what happens.