Have you mastered the art of failing?

Does failure paralysis you from leaping towards a life you desire? Greats like Elon Musk, Thomas Alva Edison had successfully mastered the art of falling in the past. The impact was what they truly believed in and so they did with their share of lessons they learnt from falling. 

Failure has always been the dearest friend. I have successfully mastered the Art of failing in every sphere of my life. I see the blessings in it. Failing helps to heal us in life. It did teach me ample things. Say, when we strive for an intense workout, we hit the failure set. We suffer immense pains and aches in our body, but ultimately it makes our muscles build stronger and brawny. 

Understand the root cause of failure

First and foremost it is essential to know and understand the term failure. What is failure? When we silently observe failure, we see the beauty and magnitude of failure, we explore its root cause.

It’s like, failure has lots of branches looming towards you. We conceptualise failure as something negative and derogatory for ourselves. But essentially, failure is simply the non-understanding of the current path that we are heading-to in our lives. 

Failure opens up new doors to life

The problem is that we see everything as black and white. Failure is far more appreciable than we think. How is that? Failure lets you grow in all aspects of life. Failure gives you all-new perspectives in life which we tend to ignore in life. 

Are you strong enough to face the world?

We are hard-wired to react than to respond in today’s society. Failure makes you stronger from within. When you fall, it makes you wiser and humble from within; though it was painful in the beginning. Your inner core is never strengthened unless you face the fall. 

Acknowledge your famous complaints

Months ago I found myself stuck in a place where I desperately wanted to get rid of. The only thing I kept close to me was my petty complaints. 

The dissatisfactions in life packed and confined my energies in life. My everyday life was filled with complaints. It took away the freedom to act and paralysed me. I have discovered that for anything new to happen, the energies have to be free to perceive and receive them. 

Learning to Act with conviction

I always believed in putting out the perfect act, but the scariest part is that perfection is just a mirage. It eludes us from living completely. I have learned that it is always better to start from nowhere. I have learnt to be okay with my bad pieces of stuff. And that’s how we learn in life, being with the imperfections. 

Observing the Contamination of Words

Often I stress about the “Words” (food for the monkey mind) and their impact on daily life.

But in no way, I am denying the marvellous impact “Words” have made in our lives. It has made us the most privileged generation of all. It has enhanced our life to a whole new level with its glories of discoveries. 

But it does bring with it certain beliefs, concepts which shrink our life if we are unaware of it. I have realised that there is a beauty in experiencing life without the burden of words, a beauty so pure and subtle that no words can ever describe.

Getting away from the Trap of Ignorance

Today, we are famously surrounded by crap all around. There is marketing everywhere and anywhere around us in our life. Everyone is doing their best to sell you something or the other, no matter how bad it is for you. I was trapped in the vicious circle of ignorance, wondering with the heap of distractions in me. So, ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) was bound to happen. And so it did.

Ignorance is like a trap, you will keep on falling unless you notice them on your own. Therefore, failure must remain the best friend to grow for a better self in life. It pushes you to transform the very life forces within you. It pushes you to become the “Real True Self”. 

As failure is good for you, have you mastered the art of failing?