Simple and Actionable Steps to Achieve Perfect Health

Ever wished of waking up and simply be healthier with full of life?

But as it says, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

It takes weeks and months of discipline and hard work to achieve perfect health. 

But wait! Already overwhelmed? 

All you need is a small and a little-little step, that makes all the difference in life. But, how is it possible? Let’s find out!

Step 1- Assess your body type

Everyone’s body is different. We all have different needs and requirements for our bodies. Therefore, the first step to achieve perfect health is to know your body type and what works and suits you the best. 

Here’s how!

  • If you’ve been avoiding a health check-up with your doctor, now’s is the time to book an appointment. 
  • Take all the necessary blood tests and a full-body analysis. 
  • Identify your problems and key areas that your body requires attention. 

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Step 2- Create a proper plan and a system in place

The next step is to plan. Now that the reports are ready and you have got all the clarity you need. Create a plan that works for you.

Here’s how!

  • Do you want to lose a specific amount of weight or get fit enough to run a marathon or just stop munching onto that junk food once and for all, now is the time to get your priorities straight.
  • Define your goal. Break it down into tiny actionable chunks of tasks that are achievable and (most importantly) enjoyable for you. Here are 15 Personal Health Goal Examples, within your reach

Step 3- Measure your goals and actions daily

Congratulations, you have come this far. Pat your back!

Finally, you have entered the final and the most important step- Measuring your goals actions daily. 

Here’s how!

  • Decide which metrics is helpful for you.
  • For eg, heart rate variability indicates how fast your heart reacts when you start exercising (the higher the better).
  • These 9 numbers tell you how healthy you are Thisl gives you a clear picture of the key areas you need to work on.

Roadblocks along the journey to your perfect body

Now that you have successfully nailed these three important steps, it’s time to identify the roadblocks that can hurt you! 

But how do you stay on track?  Easy! 

  • You will fail some days. But don’t give up easily!
  • There will be all kinds of temptations and distractions on your way.
  • Just regroup, restart and keep moving forward(or even crawl) until you achieve what you have set out for.
  • Even if you fall, it doesn’t matter. Simply get up and keep moving forward. 

At the end of the day when you’ll reach the ultimate goal of a perfect body, you will realise it was all worth giving a shot for!