Why do we live with the past?

From our childhood, we were sent to schools, bombarded with teachings.

History, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, we gathered them all, from people having their past share of researches on the respective fields.

We knew about life from the eyes of all those people who had their share of life in the past.

And we learn an enormous deal of information, stored them up in the heap of memory within us.

Then what did we do?

We acted upon them, built our respective egos, careers, procured jobs and earned to survive and also survive diligently with all the gratifications that we surround ourselves with.

All we have is our brains burdened with knowledge and acting with the past accumulations of life.

Knowledge surely is necessary in the external world, to speak, to learn a language, to drive a car and all the dozens of essentials in life.

But we also can’t deny the very fact that we are living by “Recycling the past”. How can we find something new if we are always acting based on the past?

The Past divides You from Me.

The Past makes us Selfish, Self-centred.

The Past denies us with the New.

There is a way of life beyond logic, where there is no learning, no previous knowledge of any kind whatsoever.

Therefore to find life, fresh, new, the other i.e. the past must be put aside completely.

It’s only when the past is put into rest, something new blossoms in life. Something which no book or anyone in the world can teach us.

It’s something infinitely different from acting with all of our past knowledge and accumulations of life, infinitely different from all the burdens we carry along for millennia.

Having said that, are you ready to put aside the past, find life beneath the dead?