Life of the coronavirus in Italy

The wave of the “invisible enemy” swamping across the city with the shrewd and sheer level of intensity, where lives of the people took a shape turn altogether, where it was too late to react to the catastrophe, but to suffer the consequences of the disaster all by themselves, alone.

This piece is about the first city outside the epicentre hard hit by the Coronavirus. This is a story about life in Italy.

The impact of the pandemic had a palpable impact on Italy, no one could have ever envisioned in their entire lives. Overwhelming hospitals and the grim pictures of armies with trucks carrying hundreds of dead bodies every day is beyond belief.

Doctors facing the toughest times of their lives, too tough to have ever imagined. Fears radiating all around, having to face the trauma of working with fear and anxiety of dying every second. The fear of “who’s next”. It’s even worse when you’re having no one around for your comfort, the mind is kept alone, stranded all by itself.

In the beginning, people took the virus as their momentary guest. They sang and played music of hope, the music of love from their balconies, little to realise that it was just the beginning of a dreadful future. A future where the end is nowhere near.

As the catastrophe took shape, the strictness of the lockdown increased. What seemed like just a few days, turned into weeks and months. The virus was silencing people’s spirits. They didn’t sing from their balconies anymore.

Yet people are learning to live with pain each day. Having to deal with personal Trauma, the silence around taking a heavy toll on their mental health.

People there have to find a sense of optimism and positivity from somewhere. Now it is impossible to imagine life as before.

Yet, the virus takes no notice of it, it’s spreading at an unimaginable pace everywhere. Like us, busy expanding ourselves.

Surely, a day will come when it will end and the beautiful city will rise and shine again. The challenges will make them stronger, stronger than ever before.

And there will be life, life beyond the darkness.