Memories: Clearing up the cache files

Cache memories

Life is a book. We love going back and forth to the pages, reckoning and holding back our best ones.

I accidentally bumped into one of the old photo albums, lying in the corner of a cupboard, rippling with dust and dirt. As I was taking time off my work, I thought of travelling through the memory lanes of my childhood for a change.

After all, we love building the triggers for our brains, making something out of the past, juggling them with happy and joyful ones.

Words can’t match the experience of looking myself years before when I was so carefree, unworried and untouched about the life around me. I was fearless, creating troubles for others with my mischiefs.

Their ideas about life

Ideas of the grown-ups about life

As I was going through the albums I realised that there will always be people around you, who will be desperately waiting, keen and eager to implement their own sets of beliefs and dogmas in your lives, who themselves are struggling to keep up with their own lives and try finding their security in fixing their thoughts and opinions about life on others, especially the vulnerable ones.

Although, we keep defining and redefining our personalities at the later stages of our lives, building blocks with our memories, our past experiences of our lives.

We look up to them for everything

We look up-to them to understand life

But at that point of time in our lives, what we wanted was to grow and grow fast in our lives, we aspired the people around us, seeing them know so much about anything and everything. We used to see them as our “Google” for our solutions.

Also, we were operating not caring about the consequences of our actions. Why? Because we were fresh, unsmoked by the life around us with almost no past baggage of our lives to be stuck with.

Slowly, our experiences started building up and so we shrank becoming too rigid and fragile to lives around us.

We were never bothered by anything around us

Not being afraid of anything in life

No, we didn’t even care about the images that were taken for the albums to be seen by hundreds of people. The pictures never bother us, whether it was the perfect shot or an ugly one to be brought out in the printout. There were no crop or edit button in our lives because we were too busy, busy experiencing the life around us.

They eventually got the better of us

They get better of us imbibing concepts and ideas about life

To top it all, worst things that have ever happened in the childhood is we were made to believe in concepts and opinions about life and people without us having the direct experiences of them at the first place, raw, without any of their filters. We were not made to be our scientist about life.

This is where our lives took a turn to the unknown, siding away from our true basic nature of life. Now we become among them, we have become a part of the sin, seduced by the world of collective unconsciousness.

Unless we realise and break-free.