A Small Note to a Confused Mind

You are confused.
No issues. Be confused!

There is resistance and discomfort within you.
Creepy emotions are boiling inside.

The mind quickly tries to run back to its temporary huts of escapes.
It’s all it ever knows.
The mind only knows to run.

But don’t you run. Be brave. Stay, Be here.
Be centred to the now and just hold on.
Don’t let go!

Let things take shape naturally,
like a sponge soon coming back to form after a deep squeeze.
Quickly come back to the source to who you are deep within.

Like a peaceful lake with a little ripple of water floating by,
the confused mind soon becomes a mind of utter peace and purity.
Clarity will soon dawn upon you.

The cluttered mind is no longer cluttered with stuff after stuff after stuff….
Now, a confused mind is turned into a peaceful mind!