What If We Decide To Stop?

Photo- Kai

One after the another and another. The wish list in our life continues to add up.

There’s always the next thing waiting for you at the doorstep to get seduced with. But is there any end to it? Is there an end to our desires?

What if we stop and ask?

Breaking the shackles of the deep-rooted Illusions

Web of ideas and concepts surrounds us. And the vague ideas about life are endless. Do the ideas, the concepts ever bring clarity in life?

Does it intend to?

What if we stop and ask?

In knowing what’s truly important 

Say you’re thirsty and you drink water in response. Water- is it the most important or least important in our life?

Do we acknowledge the fact? How many times do we actually rejoice on water? Do we ever stop to see, what’s truly a need? 

What if we stop and ask?

Paving the way for a marvellous life.

Do we invest ourselves on what is truly important to us in our lives or are we endlessly stuck with the mirage of life? 

Hence life passes by, like the slipping sack of sand from our hands. But the question remains.

What if we stop and ask?