The Art Of Being In The Present Moment ( With Actionable Solutions)

women sitting on a black chair in front of a glass-panel window.

Suppose today I hate a person. I curse him. The feeling of hatred, the anger boils within me. Then the mind interrupts and steps in. The mind says the best of things to be a better person. Now the mind wants to be peaceful, to be in the zen-like state. Here begins the journey to be, to become something other than the present.

But do we succeed? You say we practise, we train, we go to the gurus, the masters and then one day we (somehow) achieve to be something that we always wanted. 

Just like the thief himself tries to catch hold of the one stealing in the first place, doesn’t the mind behave the same way? You see, we always start from the state of lacking. We are but aiming to be, to become. Thus, the very lacking in us never gets filled (rather than just for a while). The lacking remains to be.

Why not let the mischief of the mind play? And we look, be aware of the whole movement of the noises within. We let it be, instead of actively taking part in it?

Have you ever tried this? Have you ever let it be and not resist it, in the pursuit of becoming something else? Do you know what happens then? Do the noises and the chaos remain?

That’s when you’re exercising the art, the art of being in the present moment.