And the truth shall sets you free!

What if Illusions never existed? What if the intelligence guided us in every step of life? 

What if the Elegance and Simplicity weren’t just an idea to be pursued?

What if?

The Yin and Yang of life

There is Good and Bad, Divine and Evil. There’re Yin and Yang within us. We are guided with dualities in every step of life. And often the truth is obscured from entering into our lives.

Even religions play a huge role in denying us the truth. They come to us with their object of teachings. They preach with devotion promising the path to the ultimate.

All we have is the fool’s paradise. 

The Paradox of Freedom

And they have their set processes intact for us. Self- Realisation is what they proclaim. We are preached with Yoga, spiritual texts and all the knowledge that helps us achieve that.

We thus bind with steps, formulas to be followed. These often leave little room to see for ourself. Thus the freedom is denied.

But does anyone tells us to examine your own experiences and see the actuality of life? Do we embrace life?

Truth speaks for itself

The truth stands apart and bring clarity in life. The light of truth is beyond every beliefs and dogma. It doesn’t need to be preached or taught with. 

Truth speaks volumes. Truth by itself overshadows the darkness. And sets you free.