Observe the marvellous story of your life

Woman in White Dress Lying on Bed

Whatever you did, you do or are going to do in life are based on the image you form about your future. It is but a product of the millions and millions of cause that works in harmony with your very nature. It creates favourable brain cells and neural pathways to fulfil your goals in life. But then, life struck you.

You become curious about life

You see that the talker inside, the thinker about life changes with the change in situations and people and the circumstances in your life. Astonishingly, when you closely observe your day-to-day experiences, you see that even the questioner changes. You realise this marvellous fact that the thinker changes from time to time.

You finally act in this world

Now you act and take actions in this world and within yourself(the self-talk in your mind). Even if you don’t realise, you keep strengthening the patterns in your mind. (some are pleasant and mostly unpleasant)

But something else happens when you do this

What if you act like a scientist do and observe? If you’re curious and observe the entire story of your life- what happens then? If you approach life without a motive- then what happens? (Don’t take my words for it. Doubt it, examine it, question it and see it for yourself!)

You are intrigued and observe life

You see that the brain cells and the neural pathways change and evolve as you age. You see, to survive and live in this utterly competitive world, you need to have some patterns that comply and help you thrive and live well. 

Free to create your own story

Now you are free to act. You are free to create your own story. You can design your life all by yourself by focusing on the areas you want to attend with passion and vigour.

Free to choose

Now you can even choose the areas you don’t need to act within your mind. Why? Because you realise that it’s a mere wastage of energy to act. So you are wise and choose to let it play and subside on its own accord. Therefore, you are not against the imperfections and the flaws of the world and in yourself. You allow it to flower and let it die all by itself.


When you observe this marvellous story of your life, then, you can truly say that you have finally arrived. You live a life that is highly sensitive, alive and new in every moment of your life. Now you can truly say that you are passionate not just about a part but life itself!