How To Make Stress Your Friend- Envisioning Blessing in Difficult Times

Stress is one of the most commonly used terms today. We all know stress. It is a disruptive block for our minds. No matter how much we try to overcome, it inevitably knocks us with sheer power and force.

But amidst its negative impact, stress has something more to say to us.

Kelly McGonigal, a health psychologist brings out research on stress in our daily lives. The findings show something very interesting and profound. It concludes that the stress element will behave entirely different in different bodies. How we think about Stress matters to a large extent in our lives.

Positive Impact of Stress

It impacts positively for the ones who believe that stress is all here to serve and improve life. Having a positive perspective towards life proves to be a detrimental factor in determining the quality of our lives. This is why worrying is actually good for you in the long run.

Hence, stress which is accused to produce Misery and Disorientation is one of the main contributors in creating the biology of Courage and Resilience in our lives.

Stress brings out the best of you

Stress can bring out the best in you. The results and the fruits are not immediate but it works wonders if it’s dealt with the right frame of mind in life.

Stress is the doorway to something new

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Stress can also be seen as an adventure. It forces you to look for doors, giving a fresh angle to life. Stress always comes to shatter the old disruptive patterns of our lives. It gives way to something new for you to see.

Stress provides a mirror to yourself

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It is in times of stress and anxiety when you meet your real true self. It is during the low times when your true Intention shines forth like a mirror. Remember, nothing stands near your true self. Even stress bows down in front of a higher purpose of your life.

Stress prepares you for your entire life. Stress, if taken as the right source and a blessing can bring life-changing impacts in life.