Can we expand the boundaries of our lives

Today the world suffers. We are forced to rewire and reshape ourselves to survive within ourselves. With all the science behind tackling the issues of life, we are yet on the verge of finding answers to our problems. 

But on the hindsight, can we see another aspect of life?

We are not the whole

On the midst of the crisis we are living in, we are surrounded by an invisible intruder (the coronavirus) at the moment in our lives.

We can’t see it. Our sense perception can’t grasp it but it’s there, evident to us. Therefore, we see that there are forces around us beyond the control of our lives. 

There is a happening around us which our limited senses fails to grasp and we are still operating within the realms of the limitations and boundaries of our lives. 

We can never claim to be the Ultimate with our limited self. 

Logic isn’t everything

Today, logic has made us the most potent special on the planet earth. It invariably separates us from the rest of the species. It separates you from me. 

Also, we can achieve a whole lot of things with logic.

But does it provides us with answers to everything in our lives?

Science doesn’t have the answer to everything

Science till date struggles to provide us with proper explanations of the fundamental questions of the universe. 

What is the universe made of? Where does Consciousness come from?

It provides us with all the comfortable amenities of life. Yet it fails to explain the vitalities of life. 

We are all connected beyond the boundaries

Rumi sees it. So he says, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.”

Have you ever noticed why do we term the enlightenment or the nirvana as the self-realisation only?

Why not Self-invention or any fanciful term? Because it is already there for us to see. 

There is an underlying oneness that every being on earth has access to.

Therefore, do not accept anything at its face value. Do doubt everything and anything in life. Expand the boundaries of your life and be the Scientist of your own life.