The 3 Doshas: Know What Ayurveda Tells About Your Body (With Actionable Solutions)

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Today, Ayurveda has all the weapons required to lead a healthy lifestyle. According to Ayurveda, our body consists of 5 elements i.e. air, ether, water, fire, earth.

These elements are in constant interaction with each other. The combination of these elements forms the Doshas, namely- Vata, Pitta, Kapha.


Vata dosha has air and ether element of the body.

Vata is mainly the interaction between the Air and Space element of our body.

The Properties of Vata includes-  Dry, Light, Cold, Rough.

A Vata body type has the following characteristics- 

  • Lean and Below Average Body 
  • Prone to cough and cold easily.
  • Restless and Fickle-minded. 
  • Full of enthusiasm.
  • Creative and active.


Pitta dosha has water and fire element of the body.


Pitta is the interaction between the water and the fire element.

The Properties of Pitta includes – Hot, oily, light, odorous, Mobile and fluid

Pitta body type has the following- 

  • Well-proportionate body.
  • Excessive Sweat.
  • Prone to hair fall.
  • Can’t tolerate the heat.
  • Skin issues
  • Gets Angry easily and quite intensely. 
  • Good thinkers and Good leaders. 


Kapha dosha has water and earth element of the body.

Kapha is the combination of the water and the earth element of the body.

The Properties of Kapha are – Oily cold, heavy, viscous, slimy, immobile.

Kapha has the following characteristics-

  • Overweight and Strong.
  • Posses Thick hair.
  • Easily gain weight. 
  • Sleeps well.
  • Slow workers and learners.
  • Affectionate, Loyal and dependable.

A Step Closer to Healthy Living

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As Wayne Fields said, “The six doctors: Sunshine, Water, rest, air, exercise and diet”

The first step towards healthy living demands you to be aware of your present state. Sometimes little adjustments in our lifestyle work wonders in our lives.

Because these Doshas directly or indirectly affects your lives in many ways. Thus, it becomes essential to Know Your Doshas (taking the quiz for better understanding) and have its right balance in the body.

So what’s your body type?