Are you itching to your killer habits?

Moving along in life we are always told what to do and what not to. We make up ideas, stories, and most importantly a well-knitted and well-crafted belief in our lives. We have a narrative and a story that we constantly tell ourselves.

Everyone has theirs. So do you. But, little do we realize where these beliefs lead us.

It’s all fairytale and well-satisfying if beliefs and ideas manifest success in our lives, but when it leads us to an unwanted road- a road to doom- that’s when the problem starts. Now we are heading downhill. We keep harming ourselves. We keep scratching and itching our wounds with knives and sharp objects.

In the words of psychology, it is termed to be our intellect. We keep up hurting ourselves until the very last itch until we destroy ourselves.

But wait! where did it all start? Just with a small tiny itch!

Friends, this is what habits do in our lives. As rightly said, habits can either break or make our lives. It can either set us free or entangle our lives in the direction of bondage.

An actionable tip :

Next time you indulge in something nasty or wonderous event to satisfy the Emotional soup within you, try finding a tiny little gap between the Action and the Reaction.

Know where you’re heading? Are you being the architect or the slave? Are your actions liberating you? Or is it just another story of an itch of your killer habits?