Muna has high hopes

Photo- AFP via Getty Images

Coronavirus takes place and the world has changed forever. Some still coping up with the crisis, making things work and some are yet to rise.

Meanwhile, Muna has high hopes.

Muna is from Yemen, a country struggling from its past. Yemen is facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Now with the outspread of the virus, the country finds itself circled with all its troubles. Coronavirus has multiplied Yemen’s issues adding up to the woes of their existing situation.


Also, UNICEF is doing its best in eliminating the issues and the problems of the country. But the suffering is deep-rooted.

As all the schools have been shut down due to the crisis, Muna finds herself packed between the Camps made to protect the spread of the virus. She finds shelter for her and her family in these brief camps.

Meanwhile, Muna has high hopes.

Muna’s diary brings us closer to her life. She shows her life to the world. She takes us through her daily life with her video. Also, she makes people aware of the virus. Muna didn’t choose to live in crisis.

She refused to suffer in her mind. She is courageous living through tough times. No, she isn’t burdened by the past battles of her life (link). No, she isn’t afraid of life. Barriers? She doesn’t have any.

For her happiness is being with her family. She looks keenly towards the life ahead of her. She teaches us to be hopeful of life. She expresses to live with the passages. She teaches us life.

Meanwhile, Muna has high hopes