Gift your soul, a Rishikesh tour

Rishikesh has always been one of India’s most spiritual places in the world. It is a magical city placed on the blue banks of the holy River Ganges.

I went on a solo trip to Rishikesh. Though, it wasn’t all romantic at the start. I still remember being reluctant on the very night of the journey, dragging myself towards the bus station, frightened to be alone all by myself, alert in every move I made, performing even the simplest of things in a very conscious, precise manner, like never before.

But however scary it is, you have your own unique experience of life, travelling by yourself. Also, you get to conquer your inner fears and experience life with your personalised lenses.

Rishikesh remains peaceful, unlike any other neighbouring cities, especially Delhi. With its friendly cows who would always stay hungry no matter how much you feed them, the happy dogs and the smiling babas, the city has its unique way to intrigue and fascinate you.

Here are some of the highlights of my journey to the holy place.

Experiencing the serene river

Hearing the sound of the gusty waves flowing and conquering the obstacles of the stones and the rocks on their way with its sheer sense of intensity was in itself a “high” for me.

It was a serene experience just sitting beside the ghat and experiencing the stillness around me.

Getting away from the trap of the mind

Be it anywhere in the world, the mind always wants you to go back to its old conditioning pattern, the issues it needs to resolve in life. But at that very moment, being on the very lap of the mighty Himalayas, they all gave up.

The mind’s big hefty world of thoughts just burst into the air, leaving me awestruck with the beauty of nature.

Getting to know people from across the globe

Staying in a hostel helped me in meeting and interacting with new people along the way. I got the incredible opportunity to interact with them, know their culture and also their perspective about life.

It’s the leverage that you just can’t miss out on when you’re hitchhiking solo.

Experiencing the simplicity of life

I have learnt that there is a separate richness to live in being simple.

As Laura I. Wilder, rightly said, “It is the simple things in life that make living worthwhile, the sweet fundamental things such as love and duty, work and rest, and living close to nature.”

Nature promises you with true everlasting joy.

Practising Yoga in its purest form

Yoga is at its best in Rishikesh. Nothing can beat that. It’s in true sense “The yoga capital of the world”. There are innumerable yoga centres in Rishikesh, it’s like a fish market out there. It’s everywhere in every lane you go.

People come from all over the world seeking to study this sacred place, practising yoga, meditation and to find their inner peace and happiness in life.

It is a place worth looking up to for a travel enthusiast and a peace-lover. So, hoop onto your bags and gift your soul with a soothing Rishikesh tour.